Short Movies Festival

A public Youtube-like social video upload focusing on short movies uploaded by users. It's a heavy trafic dedicated cluster website designed only in two week due to lack of time.

I made it
Wed, 07/02/2014 - 16:32

"Finish your god damn personal website already!" My co-worker shouted at me. "Oh it's already up and running, didn't tell you?" I replied.

You heard it, I finally did it. It's been a long time since I wanted to have this imaginary conversation.

Being free for couple of days or more, I made a promise to myself: launch a new personal website. The old one sucked, I think It's been around 2 years since I wanted to redesign and develop my new website. The moment I started to write the first <?php tag it reminded me of new coming Drupal 8. So why not take a look?

Goals I first wrote on paper about this decision

It was June 29, 2014 that I opened my Evernote and started to write general thoughts on this. I started to think small and all I wanted was a blog and one about page. And then I realized deep down I'm a pure geek, maybe there's too much nerdiness in me. So I decided to make a good resume out of this and use all the latest technologies I know. Well I've been wanting to make a Drupal 8 website for a while now. Nobody wanted me to build their website on a newborn alpha release, not tested platform. So this was my only chance to learn more about it.

Use Drupal 8

This is where it gets interesting cause it's not just about drupal 8 I had to learn. I've been around since early of drupal 6 and before, but this was more about learning symfony-twig not just API changes. Drupal 8 has changed structure. The moment I read the feature list, I got exicted about OOP and MVC new changes to drupal.

I started cloning 8.x HEAD. The moment I began developing theme layer I found more and more changes and a really small amount of docs to back me up. Some APIs were changing back and forth every week. Articles I found about Drupal 8 theme layer were mostly not working and someone in comments keeps mentioning changes. It was certainly not the best time to start using Drupal 8.

First tiny problem I faced was not being able to use $ sign to call jQuery. jQuery Dollar module wasn't ported to Drupal 8 and I didn't have time to open an issue so I made my own sandbox to support this in Drupal 8.

I can't stress enough how happy I am about using .yml files beside symfony routes and services beside DIC. I never thought this would happen in Drupal platform, a framework full of hooks and APIs, storing everything in database. It was painful, I admit it. However seems like some folks aren't happy about these changes, saying it's too much.

Design Clean

I've been desigining and animating for quite some time now, but I never liked it as much as I like developing. What I wanted was a simple, clean, easy-to-read content-based standard typography design, not a fancy home page with parallax effect on top. It needed to be clean.

I added a cool drawing-look menu item, still simple to design, I really like.

Be Responsive

I've done front-end development as much as PHP. I had to make it responsive and I didn't have much time though. I quickly downloaded Foundation and started working. That menu I just told you about is a Reveal effect of Foundation.

I don't like Bootstrap cause it doesn't let me see what's happening behind the scene and makes me use class names all over the place (however you can rebuild bootstrap with less to avoid this) making all the internet look the same. I like Foundation more cause it's just a foundation and I can just use the grid.

95% of web is typography

Don't remember who said this quote right now but I tried. I didn't want to use embedded fonts, just some font stacks. It needs to be readable.

It's not just about the grid that had to be responsive, it's about fonts, images, javascript effects and more. I made use of Prefix-Free, Modernizr and TweenMax.

More Than A Blog

Although it's not completed yet as I'm writing this but I made Projects and Books sections too. It's not just about bloging and a showcase of what I've done. It had to suite my needs for future. Mostly because I've been researching and reading books more and more and I'm trying to be more active in open source projects.

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