Honestly I mostly develop PHP. I've been using Aptana and Sublime for a while now. I started to use VIM since beginning of 2014 and it really improved my productivity. I don't think anything better could happen to me other than forcing myself to learn VIM. Sublime in the other hand was really fast and quick. It was perfect for front-end, PHP, Python... and it's got VIM built-in. I was using Sublime as much as MacVIM, both great.




April 2014, it was. I downloaded PHPStorm, activated trial and started playing around. I saw the light, it was god who guided me to this. It improves my productivity to a whole new level.

Shortcuts Changes And Tools

I own a MacBook Air and I've been using TotalTerminal since I purchased the device. I changed toggle shortcut to Cmd + 1. No need of using IDE built-in terminals when it's easier and quicker this way, and it's everywhere.

I installed KeyRemap4MacBook and remapped Esc to Right-Cmd. This is bar far the best keystroke to switch to Normal mode in VIM.

Next I mapped 'Select Next Tab' to Shift + Cmd + k and 'Select Previous Tab' to Shift + Cmd + j in System Preferences -> Shortcuts and then changed switching work-spaces to Cmd + k and Cmd + k too.

Now I could change tabs in TotalTerminal, Chrome and PHPStorm with the same shortcut, and change workspaces with an easier shortcut. I even installed VIM extension on Chrome.

I always split screen into 2 columns. in PHPStorm I use Cmd + l to move cursor into right or left splitter. To move a file into another split without touching the mouse I use Shift + Cmd + l , again a similar shortcut.

These shorcuts make me never use mouse during development. everything from switching desktops and tabs to editing and developing can be done with easy keystrokes. As I first started working with PHPStorm I missed the handy Go Everywhere command triggered by Cmd + p in Sublime, I found that pressing Shift twice does the same in PHPStorm.


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